Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympian Victorious

"Olympian Victorious" (2012)With this third drawing dedicated to the Olympics I wanted to celebrate the glory of the victors, to their families and their team: even the greatest talent needs to be developed with training and support of those who loves us. Anyway, I don't forget the value of the effort of all  participants because The Olympics are of everyone of them.


Michel Lambert said...

I like most of your drawings, and some more than others, such as this athlete savoring his victory. The layout of this handsome man in this context is a beautiful geometric balance ; the face is beautiful ; athletic body, natural, without an excessive musculature (I do not like the "hyper-bodybuilders"). It provides us with a quite perfect uncut sex : personally, I prefer to see the penis, in semi erection, a way to feel moved and troubled thereafter, one imagines, by the desire to awakening in the same way in our own body.

Michel Lambert said...

J’aime la plupart de tes dessins, et certains plus que d’autres, comme celui de cet athlète savourant sa victoire.
La disposition de ce bel homme dans ce cadre est d’un bel équilibre géométrique ; le visage est magnifique, le corps athlétique naturel, sans une musculature excessive (je n’aime pas les « hyper bodybuildés »). Il nous offre un sexe entier tout à fait parfait : personnellement, je préfère voir le pénis ainsi, en semi érection, une manière de se sentir ému et troublé par la suite qu’on imagine, par le désir s’éveillant de la même façon dans notre propre corps.