Wednesday, July 24, 2013


"Youth" (2013) With this drawing I tried to depict my vision of youth: a picture that can remember the iconic painting "Jeune homme assis au bord de la mer" by Hippolyte Flandrin, even if I have tried to convey a spirit less melancholy, but more cheerful and seductive, more appropriate to the sense of hope that brings with it the young age.


chamu1949 said...

136 Your art work is exceptionally captivating showing the male beauty in every stroke and curve..I have really no words to appreciate them..Wish to see more and more of them in your place!

Michel Lambert said...

Your drawing could be a following to the painting of Hippolyte Flandrin: his young man dreams in the solitude. The approach of an stranger takes him out his meditation : the two young men look at each other : this is the image of your drawing. Each of us can imagine a following, according to his dreams or fantasies. The paint of Hippolyte Flandrin is well-known and many artists have copied it. But you, Marco, you did something different again, something I had not thought ! It is very successful : the boy shows his face and body intimacy to the unknown guy (I dream to be this guy !...)

Michel Lambert said...

Ton dessin pourrait être une suite à la peinture d’ Hippolyte Flandrin : son jeune homme rêve dans sa solitude ; l’approche d’un inconnu le sort de sa méditation : les deux jeunes gens se regardent : c’est l’image de ton dessin. Chacun de nous peut imaginer une suite, selon ses rêves ou ses fantasmes. Le tableau d’Hippolyte Flandrin est très connu et beaucoup d’artistes l’ont copié.
Mais toi, Marco, tu as fait quelque chose de différent, de nouveau, à quoi je n’avais pas pensé ! C’est très réussi : le garçon découvre son visage et son corps intime, face au gars inconnu.