Hottest Products For A Luxury Green Home

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When it comes to luxury home décor in 2017, sustainability is key. From the nature-inspired Pantone’s Color of the Year to the rise of innovative, technologically advanced products, going green isn’t just recommended. It’s preferred.

Eric Corey Freed —Chief Community Officer of EcoDistricts, Founding Principal of organicARCHITECT, and Author of Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies, believes this trend has been brewing for ten years. He said,

There’s a perfect storm of design trends converging over the last decade to make sustainability an integral part of home design. As more and more manufacturers have embraced using healthier materials and being transparent about the ingredients, people have been smarter about selecting zero-emitting, reclaimed and water-based products for their homes. Along with soaring energy costs and falling renewable energy systems driving the adoption of solar power; and the unprecedented droughts around the country pushing the implementation of water efficiency and collection systems; use of these smart methods will only continue to rise.

So what are the hottest items you should include in a luxury green home? I looked around and talked to a range of experts to find out.



Here’s a handmade, algae lamp that could easily be mistaken for a science experiment. Designers Jacob Douenias, Ethan Frier, and Lena Tesone explore the concept of photosynthetic furniture by creating a lamp with microalgae—a nutritious organism that can absorb carbon dioxide, give off light and heat. A must-have conversation piece!

Algae Lamp (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Mattress Factory – Museum of Contemporary Art)
Algae Lamp (Photo credit: Courtesy of Mattress Factory – Museum of Contemporary Art)


With energy-efficient LEDs lighting the shoe storage, side panels and overall ambience, this soft and heavily textured closet feels like a private boutique. I like how it’s also environmentally responsible, as California Closets ensures the CARB emission ratings are met and uses recycled or recovered wood fiber (or both) to cut wastage. Seamlessly blending a sophisticated design with sustainable materials, this walk-in is a perfect addition to any luxury green home.

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